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October 27, 2008


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Hi Jamie!

Talk about timing, my bf is just starting to make hair bows and signed up for lots of church & craft boutiques and this is just the right info she needs. Thank you soooo much for sharing. All your advise!

Hi Jamie-

I too have done many a craft show. From the church shows to the higher-end PA Craft Guild shows. Here's my take on them. Like you said, some shows are great and others just down right lousy. Don't get down on yourself if a show doesn't go well. I think craft shows are a big learning experience for those who are just testing the product waters. It's always good to get a little face time and feedback with customers ( even if they are sometimes insulting ). You learn from each one. If you sell product at a craft show, it means one of 2 things, you have a great product or you're a really great salesperson. It's best to be both but not always the case. *case in point...I'm a horrible salesperson. Make sure your product isn't just like someone else's. I've seen many women set up at shows only to find the person 2 booths down has a similar product selling for less. I think craft shows over the years have become a little too full of the same types of merchandise. You'll be a standout if you sell what is uniquely yours.

maybe i was the motivation you needed : )
ugh, i totally procrastinate them too. they're so much work and I
always wonder if it'll be worth it. it generally is but largely due
to a few customers that come and buy some of my originals. we'll see.

are they generally good for you? how many do you do? how do you
advertise for it?

sorry about the pic. ugh. i'm a loser! actually we can blame it on my hubby. that's why we need separate cameras!

I feel so proud of you, because you have achieved to make this company growing so quickly. Definitely you had to put a lot of energy and effort to get what you want to... Congratulations and blessings.

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