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August 10, 2008


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I SO enjoy your blogs! They are SO inspirational, helpful & right to the point. I hope all good things for you, JPD & especially your family. They are lovely!

Thanks for sharing your "Bucket List"!

Thanks for the comment, I ussually try to respond to all comments, but I did not get an email or blog. I am glad you enjoy the blog!

Oh what a great post. It is so great to take the time and really ask yourself, what DO i want? And it is so amazing...your list is so close to mine. Time with family, success, etc. THanks so much for sharing! I am going to go and revamp my list;)

I think a lot of people are talking "bucket lists" these days. That show had a really profound effect on a lot of people. I know that over the past few months I've been working on a bucket list of my own--which really relates to your number 6.

Personally, I don't care about millions. I'm one of "those" business women who want to make enough to be content and that's it. But I really applaud you on your road to millions and can't wait to read about the day you make it. If you continue posting as you do, I am sure your blog will become a "roadmap" to success and something that will "give back" to a community of small business men and women in ways you can never fathom.

But I digress, I truly loved the way you worded this part: "Never have one suffer, or feel neglected. Always have perfect harmony with life and running a business and feel that I am always giving each enough of my attention."

It sums up everything I've been working towards the past few months.

Here is a great site to create and share your bucket list.


check it out.

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