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January 18, 2008


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Don't worry too much about the um, silent, phones or no call backs. January is show month, retailers are hitting all the shows or they are doing what you are about to. Taking a vaca somewhere. February will be here before you know it, or even worse, March and you will be wondering what happened to that nice quiet time when you had time to get your projects done! It's Show month, remember! It affects almost everyone in our industry. It's all good.

hey jamie~
We just had gift in Atlanta last week and they word back to me was it was very slow. I think this year will be a year to make careful,thoughtful plans. Personally I have had new intrest and things appear to be fine. Some stores have been asking me to break large orders into small groups of 3 or 4 to make it easier to manage. That is something I think women like us can offer our customers .. flexability.
Smiles.. julie

Oh Julie - you are such a breath of fresh air and I am not surprised with the economy looking so bleak. Yes, I can tighten my belt a tad, and I have some other exciting things iam working on that I will let everyone know about soon. Thanks so much really - not happy the show was slow, but makes me feel better! Best of luck to you...

London always there to scrape me off the ground, thanks a bunch!! Yes I know those things and yes I need to just get back on the bike and start again. I think we need to be creative with our minimums and our exisiting accounts in this economy.

Very interesting post. Hope the business is doing well now

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