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January 22, 2008


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Cool! I would love to put you out of your misery on those coasters. They look really cute!

Great advice, on finding what works for you and your business. I do do shows, and they work well for me, but I've become picky on the particular show I will do. And, I also have noticed that people are looking for bargains and want a deal, so if it isn't a charity fundraiser, I always try to offer a discount.

P.S. I'll take a set! *wink*

Another great post Jamie! I am finally posting a comment instead of reading through your blog...I really like those coasters:)

Hi, Jamie! After seeing your info updated in LinkedIn, I stopped by your blog. It's great to see that you're doing so well (despite the martini/wine coasters). I'm so happy to see that the wonderful creativity you had in college still has a wonderful place in your life today.

Your COB/English 1B pal,



Hi Jamie! It is so helpful to read about your experiences, what worked and what didn't. How did you finally decide what to charge for your products in terms of retail/wholesale pricing? That is definitely the trickiest part when you are just starting out, and your expertise might help a lot of artists out there who are thinking about taking the next step!

Well, I'm another one that shows don't work for. I've done ONE such show (not wholesale show) and it was a total bomb. Maybe it's just ceramics, hmmmmm.

I know many people that do well with them, one friend does canvas work in the same price range as my stuff and she rakes in the dough. I'll never figure it out, but I do agree to follow your gut. I've ignored it a few times and learned very valuable lessons! Listen, it won't lie to you....promise!

oh, also, no need to send me coasters, I'll just take them from your show box in my storage! I think there are some rudolph ones in there somewhere. LOL!

Jamie- I am so glad I am not alone in the craft show experience...I have never done what I expected at those shows..I stopped doing them altogther and I am glad I focused on other sales channels. ..it's paid off..you just never know till you try though!
Loving those coasters! Happy 2008 -long time no chat:)

Hi Jamie, I love your blog! I have been reading it for a long time and have learned so much from you. You are so funny and witty! I love your honesty. Love the coasters too! (probably because I love Martinis...French Martinis...mmmm.)

Oh my Jamie...I've got to have the Diva Coaster...really...LOL!

Thanks for sharing your blunders with us! We all need to follow our gut!

With friendship,

I've recently been reading a book by Paul McKenna called I Can Make You Thin which I've been finding really interesting.

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